Pam Ryan Mejia

I live, work, and express myself grounded in these beliefs:
  1. I believe that when leaders feel equipped and confident to lead their teams in a whole-hearted way- innovation, creativity, and performance are accelerated.  
  2. I believe that a better understanding of ourselves, connecting authentically with others, and finding the power in “together” is essential to emotional wellness, and positive healthy relationships both within and without organizations. 
  3. I believe that when we mindfully harness our collective strengths and abilities, we are all better. 
  1. I believe that when we each feel seen, heard and valued, we are better suited to lean into one another’s strengths. And together, we flourish.
It is messy, meaningful, and magical work!


Pam is one of 100 400 Dare to Lead™ Facilitators in the world trained and mentored by Dr. Brené Brown with expertise in serving educational systems and their communities as well transforming workplace culture. She is a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach certified by the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)® offering Individual and 360 EQ assessments.  In addition, Pam holds a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certification from the University of Florida and is certified by Dr. Timothy Clark of LeaderFactor in 4 Stages of Psychological Safety in the Workplace.  (I have no clue on the proper formatting of these things!)