Elevate Your Leadership Journey

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Overview of the Program

The Academy Within Leadership Program is meticulously designed for today’s ambitious professionals. Whether you’re a rising executive, a seasoned CEO, or a strategic vice president, our program offers transformative insights and tools to elevate your leadership prowess in an ever-evolving corporate landscape.

The Academy Within Experience

Step 1    |   Pre-Work:

2 weeks before start
Registration and preparation |  Virtual

Step 2    |   Opening Session:

1 1/2 days
Welcome dinner and program | In-person

Step 3    |   Continuous Learning:

60 days
1:1 coaching and learning groups | Takes 1-2 hours/week | Virtual 

Step 4    |   Closing Session:

1/2 day
Graduation and skill mastery | In-person or virtual

Step 5    |   Next Steps:

The Force Multiplier — Next module or deploy at scale with technology that enables viral learning

Additional Courses: Restart the process for continued education with ILX® Aware, ILX® Grounded, ILX® Engaged, ILX® Foundations, Team Facilitation, or Executive Coaching

Typical Course Timeline

Academy Within Experience Steps 1-5
Why 75 Days?
Because that’s how long it takes to build a habit.

What to Expect

Every organization has its unique leadership challenges. We offer three distinct leadership development pathways, ensuring a tailored approach for your organization’s specific needs.

Individual Learning

Personalized Learning

Tailored modules that address your unique leadership challenges, ensuring actionable takeaways.

Team Learning

Expert Facilitation

Engage with world-renowned leadership experts, bringing a blend of academic rigor and real-world experience.

Executive Coaching

Collaborative Environment

Network with a cohort of like-minded professionals, fostering collaborative learning and lasting connections.

The Setting – Jordan’s Ridge

Nestled just outside Atlanta amidst serene landscapes in Chattahoochee Hills, GA, Jordan’s Ridge offers the perfect backdrop for introspective learning and growth. The tranquil environment, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, ensures an immersive learning experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world.

The Coursework

Our curriculum is a blend of:

Theoretical Insights
Dive deep into leadership theories, understanding their relevance in today's dynamic business environment.


Practical Workshops
Engage in real-world scenarios, honing your decision-making and strategic planning skills.

Interactive Session

Interactive Sessions
Participate in group discussions, debates, and role-plays, fostering collaborative problem-solving.

The Takeaways

Graduates of the Academy Within Leadership Program leave with:


Enhanced Leadership Capabilities

Equip yourself with tools and strategies to drive organizational success.


Strategic Vision

Develop the ability to foresee industry trends and position your organization for future growth.


Robust Network

Build lasting connections with a community of visionary leaders, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.