Academy Within Provides the Tools for Success

At Academy Within, we understand that every organization has unique leadership challenges. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive leadership transformation or targeted interventions, our offerings are tailored to meet your strategic needs.

Individual Leadership Development

Intrinsic Leadership Experience™ (ILX)

Equip your executives with the competitive edge they need. The ILX program is a transformative journey designed to hone the leadership capabilities of both current and emerging organizational leaders.

Program Overview

ILX offers a holistic leadership development experience. Over nine months, participants will engage in three meticulously crafted modules, each focusing on a distinct aspect of our Aware, Grounded, and Engaged leadership framework.

Module 1

Module I: Aware

The Aware leader is self-aware and mindful. Leaders will gain a deeper knowledge of how emotions drive their behavior and develop skills to increase awareness of others and improve decisions through situational awareness.

Module 2

Module II: Grounded

The Grounded leader is inspiring. Leaders face a variety of obstacles daily. This module equips leaders with practical tools to become grounded and develop resilience when challenges arise.

Module 3

Module III: Engaged

The Engaged leader is genuine and takes interest. This module focuses on leaders applying tools and practices from their personal journey, with their team. The result is not only individual skill building, but overall increased team engagement.

Individual Module

Individual Models

For teams interested in experiencing an individual module from above, please inquire.

Team learning session with white board

Team Leadership Development

Customized Leadership Pathways for Teams

True leadership transformation is achieved when leaders consistently operate at their zenith. Our custom-designed team programs are meticulously crafted after a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s unique needs and goals. Whether it’s strategy sessions, leadership retreats, or navigating intricate discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion, our seasoned facilitators are committed to ensuring your team’s development is not only strategic and impactful but also sustainable and aligned with your objectives. 

Executive Leadership Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching

Elevate the leadership prowess of your key executives. Our world-class coaches provide personalized coaching, ensuring your leaders are equipped to drive organizational success.

Key Benefits:


Customized to address specific leadership challenges


Enhances self-awareness and identifies growth areas


Provides actionable strategies for real-world challenges


Ensures a confidential environment for reflective learning


Offers consistent support and accountability


Directly contributes to higher employee retention and engagement